World Vision Canada


While World Vision Canada’s (WVC) head office café was a busy hub during lunch hour, it was severely under-utilized at all other times. In redesigning their café, WVC committed to transforming the space into an all-day communal space which is fully accessible and inclusive for all staff.

First, we studied how the space was used and how best to improve flow and optimize usage. Functional zones were created with proper circulation area and good sightlines to eliminate ‘traffic jams’. The seating areas now offer a variety of choice, encouraging staff to take advantage of the cafe space throughout the day for meetings and other gatherings.

Inclusiveness is inherent in WVC’s culture, we incorporated this philosophy in designing the various zones and custom millwork. It is a barrier-free environment with china, cutlery, and equipment easily accessible to all. The entire space leverages sustainable, durable, and easy to maintain materials. With access to natural light and a refreshed colour and material palette, the revitalized Café is now the go-to communal gathering space WVC dearly needed.

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