Crossroads YES TV

Crossroads – creators of faith-based media content, and their broadcast entity YES TV, together sought to create a new workplace. Not just one that is inspirational, uplifting, and embodies their common values and ‘media missionary’ purpose, but which also motivates and supports staff in the work they do. It was crucial to plan the space to further deepen synergies between all the teams as they work closely together preparing content for TV and other media. 

A shared vision for the new workplace was developed through in-depth consultation with leadership and functional groups. Our transformative design embraces different work modes and allows staff the choice of where and how the want to work. Innovation through knowledge sharing and team collaboration is made seamless via adjacent spaces with a variety of tools to support staff.

A complex space program was accommodated within this design. The Hospitality Centre is a flexible meeting and gathering area that hosts everything from town halls to client events, as well as several meeting spaces, both formal and casual. As the heart of the organization, The Prayer Centre is centrally located to provide spiritual counsel to the public. From the outset, Crossroads aimed to capitalize on using their ministry space as an extension of their TV studio. Our design incorporates multiple camera feed locations along with specialty lighting – all with direct links to the TV studio. Custom wall graphics were installed to create an inspirational backdrop in the space, always reinforcing the mission statement and common purpose of both organizations.

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